BCHS Football Club

Post-Match Reaction

To everyone who played a part in this special season, thank you.

It was a joy to be involved, and the memories we made will last forever.

Cherish them. I know I do.

I’m sorry I don’t have more to say. I’m emotionally drained at the moment.

Sufficient to say, I am so proud of this team. We did so much that had not been done before.

Most goals scored in a season
Fewest goals allowed in a season
Most assists in a season
We had individuals break records, too. Check the Hall of Fame page for that.

It is always a privilege to stand with you all during the match. I cherish these nights. I love our practices. I love the bus rides. I love being a part of your lives for a little while.

Again, thank you.

All of you!

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

Post-Match Reaction

7:30 PM Central Time Monday

The culmination of our season begins then.

How will we feel at 9:30 PM Monday?

Leave it all on the field, and we will feel good.

See you then.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

Post-Match Reaction

There are many things to say after winning a match. I’ll do my best to get those down here. For reference, we just won our match against Butler County by a score of 10-0.

I think we will play a little game. It is called “Did You Know?”

Did you know Shelbey Walz kept her second clean sheet of her career? For someone who has just started playing as a goalkeeper this year, this is an amazing feat. It places her second all-time on our list of goalkeeping shutouts, as well. She made some great saves tonight!

Did you know Krista Glenn has developed into a tenacious defender? This is Krista’s first year, and she has shown that she will fight for every ball near her. She has been solid as part of our back four all season, and I look forward to the future!

Did you know Skylar Tucker picked up her second career assist tonight? Also, she continues to impress as a defensive force, winning every ball and chasing down opponent’s attacks, stopping them in their tracks. She is a true leader of our defense.

Did you know Sydney Jolly played arguably her best game tonight in central defense? She attacks each ball that comes near her with an aggressiveness that cannot be taught. She confidently cleared multiple balls tonight, and that puts me at ease on the sideline!

Did you know Morgan Tabor has developed into a wonderful two-way defender? Not only can she battle and win with her strength defensively, but she takes an excellent throw-in that is an attacking threat down the left side. She continues to grow each match!

Did you know Lauren Lucas has transitioned from defense to midfield confidently? Tonight, she was composed on the ball, beating a few opponents and going forward to play balls up to the attackers. It was one of her best performances since she started playing!

Did you know Marcy Rogers is perfect from the penalty spot for her career? She showed us that she has ice in her veins, converting two penalties to settle our nerves. She also notched three assists, giving her ten for the season (a record she shares with Chloe Peterson). She is also developing as a great captain and leader!

Did you know Madison Driskell has an edge to her play that she uses to win battles in the middle? She will confidently take on the best players of the opposition and win the balls, sending them forward for our attack to begin. She also is a two-footed player, capable of doing it with both her left and right foot!

Did you know Delaney Carter has worked harder than anyone to improve her game? Getting the start on the wing tonight, she came oh-so-close to scoring, forcing an excellent save from Butler County’s keeper. Her work ethic outside of practice has paid off for sure, and she is a wonderful teammate, as well!

Did you know Sydney Tucker scored six goals tonight to give her twenty on the season? That is an individual record, and Sydney will be the first to thank her teammates. She is scoring in ways that we have not seen before, and she is always hungry for more. She now owns the record for goals in a game (6) and season (20).

Did you know that Chloe Peterson continues to provide both goals and assists? Chloe holds individual honors of assists in a game (4), assists in a career (16 and counting), and she is the only player in team history with double-digit goals (12) and assists (16) in a career. She can score them and set them up!

Did you know that Bralyn Whitworth displayed her best performance of the season tonight in midfield? She won balls and played them up to the attack, and she was unafraid to go toe-to-toe when things got rough. That tenacity is contagious, and our team really responded to her play tonight!

Did you know that Skyler Henderson is among our most versatile players? She already is the youngest player to score a goal, and tonight, she provided forty minutes of solid defending in the back. She has an extremely powerful left leg, and the sky is the limit for her soccer future! A great performance!

Did you know that Maddie Shilts scored her first goal tonight? She always takes up good positions, and tonight she got her reward. Perfectly positioned for a Chloe Peterson cross, she scored to send our fans, bench, and team into by far the loudest cheer of the evening. She has a great future, too, and we are excited!

Did you know Aeriana Brock is the ideal teammate? She is coming back from a slight injury, but you would not know it to hear her. She constantly supports her team and cheers for them when she cannot play, and I know she will get out there soon once she heals up! Tonight, she was an excellent friend for so many, and that means so much!

We almost missed Mariah, Jasmine, and Kate tonight, and we look forward to seeing them back soon!

Now that the individual honors have been passed around, we need to talk about team milestones. After tonight’s game, we have some new marks.

32 goals (and counting) for the season is the highest we have ever scored in a campaign
26 assists (and counting) for the season is far and away the best number we have had

These two numbers make my heart happy, because they are team records. No one player can play this sport alone. We have seen teams try that tactic, and it does not work. Any individual record has to be viewed through the lens of the team.

I am proud of our team, and I look forward to seeing how our season finishes. I know you feel the same way!

Until we meet again,

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

Post-Match Reaction

Not much to say tonight other than what we shared together in the post-game chat. You had to be there, I guess!

For now, rest well.

Tomorrow, we need to be hungry. We need to be helpful.

We will be ready.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

Post-Match Reaction

Deep breath.



The toughest point of our season is over. At this point, we have made it through eight matches believing in one another and working hard for one another. Again, the toughest point of our season is over.

We have three remaining regular season matches. All three are within our reach to take. All we have to do is take our chance.

That chance’s first opportunity is Wednesday night at home. Let’s work hard and make it happen.

I want to give a special shoutout to the BCHS Golf Team for winning the region. That is an honor that we can use for inspiration for our own goals. Well done, golfers! We are proud of you!

I remain proud of our team, as always.

See you soon.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

Post-Match Reaction

How Many, How Much

How many slams in an old screen door?
Depends how loud you shut it.
How many slices in a bread?
Depends how thin you cut it.
How much good inside a day?
Depends how good you live ’em.
How much love inside a friend?
Depends how much you give ’em.

Here’s to more good days with a great team.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

Post-Match Reaction

In sports, it is easy to get caught up in the numbers. At times, team win/loss records and individual accolades can overshadow what really matters.

I remember our 1-0 victory over McLean County. In that match, we had twenty shots, but we rushed several chances and we ended up with the close win. If someone just looked at the scoreline, they would not see the full story.

After that match, I encouraged our players to understand that, while we did not score a whole lot on the night, we were creating chances. The good news was that, eventually, those chances would yield goals. In the first paragraph here, I referenced what really matters. I will not speak for other coaches or other sports, but, for me, what matters is the performance. Our performance against McLean was solid, and the chances were there.

Ruling out our first two matches, when we were dealt some truly bad luck at the tournament we attended, we have played four matches. We won three of those and lost a close one to Grayson County.

In those four matches, we have scored twenty-one (21) goals, and we have allowed nine (9).

We are in fine form here as our schedule toughens up a bit. We get a chance to play LaRue County again (we lost to them 4-0 at the tournament), but we have made so many great strides and re-worked our shape in recent days. Monday sees us take on Meade County: a team we have never been able to compete with.

If any team was going to be able to compete in these next two matches, it is this team. I would not put it on paper if I did not believe it. This does not mean that we will win. We may not. What I will guarantee, though, is that this group of girls will put in a great performance.

That is all I ask!

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

Post-Match Reaction

Soccer as a sport in some ways is no different from other team sports. A group of individuals works together for a common goal against another group of individuals working for that same goal. At the end of the contest, one team wins, and one does not.

Okay, in soccer, sometimes there are ties, but you get my drift. As team sports go, nothing is really unexpected.

Soccer itself, though, offers something different.

Its nickname around the world is the “beautiful game”. Soccer is known worldwide as the most popular sport, and it is not even close. Sometimes, this gets skewed here in the United States, but even here, soccer is growing. It is not like the other countries don’t play other sports (watch the Olympics, and you will see that), but soccer is different.

It breaks down to eleven players working together to kick a ball past eleven other players while keeping the other eleven from kicking it past them. What makes it so special?

I’ll tell you what makes it special.

There’s something about being there. The feeling of being with the team. The buzz in the air even when there are not many fans there.

There is beauty in this sport.

A defensive recovery when all seemed lost.
A save out of nowhere.
A last minute goal.
A screamer from outside the box.
A tap in from in close.
A perfect pass to set off an attack.

All this happens without timeouts. There are no play stoppages. That, to me, is where the beauty lies. More than any other sport, soccer demands the unit work together as a team.

My influence is not the same as a basketball coach, for example. Late in a close game, the basketball coach can call a timeout to set up a play and remind the players of their responsibilities.

I can’t do that. It is up to the players to figure it out. Maybe that’s why soccer is so popular worldwide. The players on the field have to figure things out for themselves more than any other sport, and, in doing so, they forge bonds that are just different.

(Before I close, I want to celebrate our 7-4 victory today over McLean County.

Our girls played their hearts out today, and we had some significant moments. Sydney Tucker scored four goals to equal Bailey Caster’s record for most in a match. Chloe Peterson scored two goals to become only the third player into double digit goals in her career. Skyler Henderson scored a goal to become the youngest ever varsity goal scorer, knocking Autumn Rogers, former BCHSFC legend, off the perch by 51 days. Everybody played well, and it was just an awesome day to be the coach. I was proud of everyone)

That being said, I want to share something I was unable to get down into words yesterday, but it needs to be said. Let’s go down memory lane a bit. Get your tissues ready*

The other night, against Grayson County, we lost. I know. Too soon. Hear me out, though. With twenty seconds remaining, what happened?

Beauty happened.

Watch this clip. Watch it, and then come back. I’ll still be here.

Yes, the goal was scored, but did you really see it? Read this, and then watch it again once you have read.

First, Madison Driskell takes a great throw in, and Marcy Rogers, with everything she has and with two defenders on her, gets a pass away as she is knocked to the ground. This advances the ball up to Chloe Peterson. A Grayson County defender knocks the ball away, but we have advanced it enough to be a threat. Madison takes a quick throw to Chloe, who squares a ball to Sydney Tucker, who fights for it, and hits a perfect left-footed shot into the net. Now, that was awesome, but I want you to go back and watch every reaction. You see it all from our girls.

Disbelief (in the good way).
Uncontained emotion.

Each person tells their own story. I encourage you to watch each person celebrate this goal.

That was beauty.

On a personal note, I was pumped. Behind my mask, I was roaring. I had the privilege of standing in that same spot when my favorite moment from coaching of all time happened. It’s a special place for me. I’m getting misty-eyed thinking about it. This just adds to that legacy.

Soccer is a game where a group comes together to do great things.
It is a game where Breckinridge County can show that we can play this, too.
It is a game where, if only for one night in the middle of a pandemic, our girls gave our world some joy. We ended up losing the game, but this moment will remain forever. That’s just what soccer does!

And that, my friends, is beautiful.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

Post-Match Reaction

I’m spent. I don’t have many words to say other than what I shared with the team in the postgame chat.

Sufficient to say, we fought back from being behind three times and just came up short. We had a chance to make history, and, tonight, it passed us by.

We will be ready for the next one, though.

We learn, and we move on.

I’m proud of the team, and, if you are reading this, I hope you are, too.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

Post-Match Reaction

I am surprisingly calm as I sit at my keyboard.

For those of you who do not know, we just defeated McLean County in a hard fought 1-0 victory. Our opponent was tough, but we were able to get a decisive goal very early and hold the lead.

Some trivia for you:

That was, by far, the longest we have ever held a one-goal lead. To win 1-0 in soccer, a team has to do a few things.

They have to defend as a unit. We went over that before the match, and you all impressed me. I expected improvement, but I was happily surprised by how quickly you all absorbed the information.

They have to work for one another. A team falls apart if anyone takes a mental break in soccer. There were no mental breaks today.

They have to have offensive threats to alleviate the pressure. We had that.

They have to have substitutes ready for action. Check.

We had all those things and more. Be sure to watch the replay of the match on BreckLive YouTube once it uploads.

When I started, I noted that I was surprisingly calm. I’ll tell you why. Every time McLean broke forward, I was calm on the field. It was certainly the calmest I have been in a one goal game. I was able to be calm because I have confidence in our unit. This team is so strong already, and we are just three matches into the season. I am proud to stand with you all!

Some individual accolades to spread around (though we all played our parts beautifully.

I’m headed out to record some videos for remote learning. I remain, as ever, thankful to have this opportunity to work with you all.

Until tomorrow,

Coach (Mr.) Garrett