Post-Match Reaction

Our new season kicked off tonight!

At the end of tonight’s contest (which ended at halftime due to thunderstorms), I think it is fair to say we did not have the result we wanted. We had played just as well as the other team, but we found ourselves down 0-2.

It was at that moment that I saw the team show a new emotion – one not really seen last year.

I saw frustration – a type of frustration because we knew we were capable of winning but still lost.

Frustration because we knew we could have won that game.
Frustration because we knew we wanted to start the year on a high note.
Frustration because, for whatever reason, it just did not happen tonight.

Here’s the thing…that is awesome to me. It means we are hungry. It means we want to play better. It means we are striving for greatness.

I can live with that.

On to the tournament…

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