Post-Match Reaction

Some people would find it hard to find positives after a 6-0 defeat.

I am not some people.

Before the match tonight, I asked you to not be intimidated by the past. We were coming up against a team that had always beaten us 10-0 before. However, we knew we had a gameplan and I asked you to stick to it.

You did.

At halftime, we were down 0-2, and I loved that we were not happy about that. We were proud of the way we were playing, of course, but we knew that we were not defined by previous years. Before the match, we set a goal as a team to avoid losing by the “mercy rule” of 10-0.

We achieved that goal.

Did we win? No

Our lives are not defined by wins and losses, though. They are defined by showing character. When things did not go our way, we did not give in to despair and surrender. We stayed strong, and we finished with quite a building block for our season going forward.

It won’t get any easier Saturday, but I know the girls in our squad would not have it any other way.

I’m proud of all of you.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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