Post-Match Reaction

I’ve been home about two hours now after our loss, and, as I reflect on our morning, I find myself figuratively on the ground (not literally – I have a chair at my desk). We are all on the ground, because we just got knocked down pretty hard.

As I’m down here with you all, on the ground after the defeat, I can (again figuratively) picture all of you.

I see Abby protecting our goal.
I see Bailey hungry to score, knowing it is coming soon.
I see Kara being a great captain communicating with the officials.
I see Autumn going past opponents with ease.
I see Sarah adeptly moving the ball on the wing.
I see Marcy giving maximum effort learning the game at this level.
I see Debbie bring grit to the field.
I see Chloe D. getting better each week.
I see Sam marshaling our defense like a general.
I see Leah sacrifice her body for the cause.
I see Amber putting in a great shift in her first start.
I see Meghan ready wherever we need her.
I see Chelce working hard for the team.
I see Isabella F. growing in confidence.
I see Shyanna defining the team spirit of effort and drive.
I see Chloe P. making her debut and showing great potential.
I see Paige improved so greatly from last year.
I see Olivia anchoring our midfield, always in control.
I see Aubrey developing her soccer skill and athleticism masterfully.
I see Mikayla having a blast and playing well, too.
I see Isabella S. staying positive, which we feed off.

I see all of us together here (figuratively) on the ground because we have been knocked down, but our lives are not defined by that; we are defined by how we stand up.

Monday night, I will be standing on the sidelines at Hart Co., hungry and ready to perform.

Will you stand with me?

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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