Post-Match Reaction

It’s that time of night, folks.

I have been home for two hours. I have had a nice meal with Beth Ann. I have done some laundry. I have prepared for tomorrow’s school day (pretty much, anyway).

I have a familiar feeling – one I knew I would feel again.

I am proud of our team!

We faced a tough opponent tonight – the toughest in our district. We faced them with no fear, and we never backed down. When they scored, we did not turn on ourselves; instead, we supported our teammates and that led to us avoiding a 10-0 scoreline.

Changing the culture of a program takes time, and it takes effort. Last season, we laid the foundation that enabled us to defeat Grayson County this season. Who knows? Tonight could lay the foundation for us to defeat Meade County one day.

The point is, we played hard, and our team spirit grew as a result. That will help us going into this final push.

Again, I am proud of you all.

–Coach (Mr.) Garrett

As a special note, both Samantha and Leah Rogers played in their 52nd varsity match tonight, a team record for appearances. It is only fitting that they share it, right? 🙂

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