My Thoughts Tonight

I sit here at my computer today.

A day after we were robbed of a win.
A day after we outplayed the other team in every facet of the match and still lost.
A day after we played with heart and character.
A day after we were all sad and some of us cried a little.
A day after we stood, patiently, waiting to shake hands while the other team celebrated.

Days, though, are all about perspective. This day is also a day before some things.

A day before we take the field against McLean County.
A day before we face an opponent that we know well and know how to defeat.
A day before we show that same heart and character from last night.
A day before we shed some tears of joy as our seniors are honored for their magnificent contributions to our program.
A day before I stand, one last time in this regular season, on the sideline and watch some of my favorite people play my favorite sport.

How do you view today? Are you focused on past hurts, or are you hungry for tomorrow’s glory?

I know where I am looking.

See you tomorrow.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett


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