Post-Match Reaction

When I sit down to my keyboard, I do not know just what is going to come out. I’ll spend a little time reflecting on the match and, as I look at my clock and see 11:08 PM, I know I will be up for a little while yet.

I may as well share some of my thoughts tonight with you all.

First, the match.

That was about as tough as it is going to get this season, girls. With the exception of maybe one or two of our upcoming matches, that one will be the most challenging one we will face. Here is the thing from me, though…no matter the opponent, I do not focus on the result. I focus on the performance. Our performance was a gritty one against quality opposition. We made some mistakes, but we are learning to correct those (and I saw some GREAT improvement in lots of areas from the first match to this second one).

There are not many teams that can lose a match and still keep their heads. Usually, someone will yell at someone else when things go sideways. That sort of negative energy spreads, and teams can go into a funk. When the final whistle blew tonight, I saw encouragement in our squad. I saw togetherness in our squad. I saw girls putting arms around girls to support them in our squad. If you know me, you’ll probably know that I just teared up a little bit typing those sentences as I replayed those moments in my mind.

Y’all…I have never been more excited than I am right now. I am excited because the future of this team (the very near future) is so bright. If it was a star, it would be visible from millions of light years away. We only need a little more time to unlock that potential, and we will. I told you after the match that I have never been more excited for a practice. Tomorrow is going to be amazing, and we will learn a lot. We will remember the basics and polish them to be ready to go on Saturday.

Meade County had some incredibly talented girls on their team – some real standouts. If all the girls on all the soccer teams in all the high schools were put into one big player group, and coaches got to pick whoever they wanted from them, do you know who I would pick*(of current high school players)?

Sydney Tucker, Autumn Rogers, Mariah Stephens, Amber Miller, Lauren Lucas, Skylar Tucker, Aleigha Mucker, Aubrey Tabor, Isabella Sprowles, Paige Coogle, Isabel Grimes, Morgann Lucas, Marcy Rogers, Chloe Denner, Anna Adkins, Chloe Peterson, Caleigh Moore, Kate Adkins, Olivia Biggs, Delaney Carter, and Abby Shannon.

Yeah. I’ll take them. They can keep all the others. I don’t need them. I have my team, and our team is special.

I want to give a special shout-out to Aleigha and Isabel who made their varsity debuts tonight, playing hard and showing incredible promise. Sydney is less than two weeks away from her debut, and the world is ready.

I’m so proud of this team, and when I think about what you all will accomplish this year, I can’t help but smile. It is a teary smile (Those are good).

It must be getting late! It is almost tomorrow – practice!!!

I’m so excited that I fear I won’t be able to sleep. Here’s to trying!

See you all tomorrow (or is it today already?)!

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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