Post-Match Reaction

Well, another game has come and gone, and we find ourselves on the end of a tough scoreline.

Let’s remember what we talked about going into the match.

  1. This team was as good if not better than Meade Co.
  2. We have improved significantly across our four matches this season.

These things are true, and I still believe them. We lasted 32 minutes longer tonight than we did against Meade. That’s a good thing. It means we are getting better.

You know how else I can tell we are getting better? After this game, as I was talking with some of you all, you seemed upset. As I asked you about it, you all said the same thing:

“I don’t like to lose.”

That’s good. I am so glad we have that attitude! When players lose, and are happy-go-lucky, it tells me that maybe they did not expect to have any chance at all and are just glad to be there. That falls back to me as the coach. I have to make sure our minds are right before we go out and play. Tonight, as the final whistle sounded, we were upset.

Again, that is great! That means we expect ourselves to do better, and we would not have those expectations if we did not know they were possible. The fact that we are getting upset about losing tells me that our first win with this unit is not far away.

We must continue to all remain patient. These things take a little time. We are this close to turning the corner and jumping that first hurdle for the first W together. Once that happens, they will continue to roll in.

I have staked a lot by saying this will end up being the best team I have ever coached. I still believe that as I sit here and type this.

See you all tomorrow.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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