Post-Match Reaction

For all you drivers out there, you’ll know the feeling of being at a red light on a lonely road. Going straight, you will arrive at the light and wait on it to change. You look left. You look right. Nothing is coming, yet still you sit.

You start to wonder if anybody would notice if you ran the light, taking a shortcut from the legal rules of the road.

If you’ll allow me the comparison, I feel like our team is sitting at that light right now. We started the season going in a direction together. Along the way, we encountered this light, and we are waiting for it to change. We refuse to take shortcuts to success, though, and instead we work hard each and every night. We have played some tough matches, and learned some valuable lessons, but still we search for our first victory together as a unit. We still are waiting for that green light to show us the way ahead.

I’ll say this, win or lose Saturday, that light is turning green. I told the team something in private after tonight’s match. They’ll remember what I said.

Everyone else will see it happen on Saturday.

Red -> Green

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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