Post-Match Reaction

Tough one.

That’s how I felt as soon as the final whistle sounded.

That’s how I felt for a little while after the game.

I felt that way because that was a team we could have beaten and a game we could have won.

So far this season, we have played six matches, and we have lost six matches.

Two of those were extremely difficult opponents. We played hard, and we moved on.

I’m not one for excuses, but I’ll try to process these losses, because the other four that we have lost have been winnable.

Taylor Co.: 1-4 defeat. We took the lead. We played well in moments. We also had over half of our team playing their first match ever that night. I understand the loss.

Butler: 2-4 defeat. We took the lead. We played well in more moments. It was our third match of the season. We won the second half 1-0. We also made some silly mistakes that cost us. We learn, and we move on.

LaRue Co.: Yes, a good team. We lost 1-8. You all know my thoughts on almost all of their goals, and we had some good chances. We made some silly mistakes. We learn, and we move on.

Bullitt Central: 0-2 defeat. This one was tough. The first goal was a mistake we made that wrapped it up and put it under the tree. We learn, and we move on. The second goal was a penalty that should not have been given. Also, just minutes before they scored their first, we had a chance to make it 1-0 and we missed it. Ifs are dangerous to play with, kind of like fire, so I will leave the ifs in the drawer for now. We learn, and we move on.

The point of all this, girls, is that we learn, and we move on.

Don’t lose sight of that fact that our defense played lights out today – the best game they have had.

Don’t lose sight of that fact that our midfield combined well in moments and was better at limiting opponents space.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that all three starters in forward positions had never started there before, and we still created a great scoring chance.

I know we were all frustrated immediately after the match; I was right there with you. We wanted the win so badly, and we played well enough to have it, yet it eluded us. Don’t forget what I said, though, prior to the match. I told you this was going to be our toughest game yet because we will be competing. The pressure can be extreme in close games. The thing about pressure, though, is that it creates diamonds. We will remember this the next time we play them.

You may wonder why I was so late in posting this. I just finished watching the whole game from the recording of our broadcast team. I want to thank Noah, John, William, and Wymon for the part they played. When the hundreds of viewers watch you all play, they will see a strong team. We just need to keep our heads down, and we will pull through.

We learn, and we move on. I remain, as ever, proud of you all.

Fort Knox Monday.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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