Post-Match Reaction


That’s how I feel right now. I have had a little time to unwind before I got on these keys (and that’s probably a good thing so I am able to compose my thoughts), and now I can reflect on a great evening.

Let’s go over the recipe to win a soccer match.

One part goalkeeping: Check
One part defending: Check
One part midfield control: Check
One part great forward play: Check
One part great support from all: Check
At least one more goal than the other team…


That’s a rather tasty combination of ingredients there, y’all.

Do you know what I love about our team? We genuinely care about one another. Any time one of our players does something well, we instantly celebrate it. Any time one of our players has something go wrong, we instantly come to their support with words of encouragement.

Let’s pause a minute and talk about life.

Sometimes, life is not fair. You can do everything right, EVERYTHING, and still you will fall short. It has happened to me in my life, and I would not be too surprised to find out it happened to everybody reading this right now. That’s just the nature of life.

Sports are no different. We prepared well Saturday, and outplayed our opposition for vast stretches of that game, and we still lost. I know we all remember how low that felt. Life had just knocked us down.

At the risk of getting a little cliche, it’s not about getting knocked down; it’s about getting back up. We came into tonight against an opponent that beat us twice last year, outscoring us 6-0 across the two matches. Still, it was a team we felt we could hang with.

And, y’all, did we.

Did you hear that fan support? I appreciate that.
Did you hear the roar when we scored? I appreciate that.

I mean, this is, in my opinion, the greatest sport on the planet, and you all just witnessed a great game of it. Drama, excitement, tension…it had it all.

And we came through winners.

That’s life.

Now, we go on to tough opposition the rest of this week before a match against our greatest rival a week from tonight.

I am so ready.

Get some rest.

I’m proud of you all.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

PS (A rare PS??!?!?!?)

If you all get a chance, check out the great work by the Breck Live team of John, Noah, William, and Trevor. It’s a treat. I’m listening to it right now.

Now I REALLY won’t be able to sleep having relived the match…

Good night, all!

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