Post-Match Reaction

Have you all ever had a favorite movie? Book? Food?

There’s something about the things we love that just gets us going and makes us happy.

I have a favorite sport.

Do you know what it is?

Let me give you some hints.

You’ll know you’re watching my favorite sport…

When you see Kate scoring her first varsity goal.
When you see Olivia not giving an inch in midfield.
When you see Paige giving good defensive help on the left.
When you see Chloe D. make excellent defensive reads.
When you see Meghan pressuring on the left wing.
When you see Lauren excelling defensively each week.
When you see Morgann putting in a great shift up front.
When you see Amber stepping up bigtime in any role.
When you see Aleigha win seemingly every ball in the midfield.
When you see Chloe P. put those silky sweet feet to work.
When you see Autumn leading by example as our captain.
When you see Marcy refusing to back down, setting the tone.
When you see Abby make incredible saves look routine with her skill.
When you see Isabella tracking the ball and holding great positions.
When you see Mariah eager and hungry to defend our goal.
When you see Aubrey scoring yet again as a center forward.
When you see Skylar redefine the word ferocious.
When you see Sydney do well in her varsity debut.
When you see Anna supporting loudest of all.
When you see Delaney helping keep the game flowing.
When you see Caleigh learning more each week.
When you see Isabel supporting from the stands.

I have a favorite sport.

It is called soccer.

Tonight, we outplayed a team from Bowling Green. Yes, we lost, but we are turning corners with this team that our program has never turned before. We owe a lot of that to the players* (*both present and past), parents, fans, and all things great in our county.

I love soccer, and I love you all.

See you tomorrow.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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