Post-Match Reaction

Let’s go preseason.

Schedule creation.

This week in particular.

Three matches in four days.

Fort Knox (tough last year)
Warren Central (last time beat us 9-0 and always tough)
Warren East (beat us every time big and always tough)

I was worried about this week when I made the schedule. I was not worried because I did not believe in our team; I was worried that we would be almost halfway through our season and this could be a potential derailing week. If we had some positive moments, this tough week could be a trip back to a low point.

Fast forward.

Here is that week in reality.

Fort Knox? We beat them.
Warren Central? We lost 4-2, but we were by far the better team.
Warren East? We lost 2-0, but we created many chances and played just as well.

Now, here’s the thing: If I had been offered those results before the season started, I would have taken them. Beating Fort Knox and going toe-to-toe with two Bowling Green schools? Yes, please!

Now that we actually did that, I am proud to say that there are going to be no more moments when I am worried about competing with a team.

I know we will show up and compete with everybody. We just have to understand that it will never be easy for us, and that we must work hard and work together each night. If we do that, we won’t be that school in the middle of nowhere that people look forward to beating. We are not that team.

We are not that team.

We are not that team.

We are not that team.

This team is a special group of girls. Cherish every minute you get to see them playing, and cherish every minute those of you who are playing on that field each night.

I’m proud of you all. You are changing how our school and community views the sport of soccer. That can seem like a lot, but I know we are up for the fight.

All eyes to Monday night…

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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