Post-Match Reaction

As I sit here now, our season is halfway over.

To look at our record, and just the record, one would get a certain impression about our team.

They would look at our record of 1-9-0 and think: Wow…only one win out of ten? That team must not be very good.

They would not be more wrong.

At our parent meeting to start the season, I encouraged our parents to see that the first half of the season was going to be difficult. We had some opponents in there who had beaten us easily before, and we had a lot of new faces. My hope was that we would survive the first half of the season to become competitive in the second half.

Little did I know, we would change the narrative of soccer in our county.

In our ten matches, we have been competitive in eight. Eight out of ten where we had a realistic chance to win the game.

My first season, we had eight competitive matches ALL YEAR.
Last year, the current greatest in school history, we had eight competitive matches ALL YEAR.
This year, with ten matches REMAINING, we already have equaled that mark.

Here is the good news: the second half of the season was when I thought we would turn the corner. We already turned it weeks ago. We are already a competitive side that I want to see against any opposition.

Tonight’s result did not go how we wanted it to. We need to keep our eyes on the big picture goal, though. We are playing better. We are outplaying teams. Wins will come with that formula.

One of our toughest remaining matches is Wednesday night at Barren County. They are a good side.

I’m not afraid to face them, though.

I have the Lady Tigers on my side.

See you all soon. I remain eternally proud of you all.

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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