Post-Match Reaction

In Kentucky, we are familiar with the term derby. When we encounter that word, we think of a horse race in Louisville on a Saturday in May. Maybe we think of some other stuff.

In soccer, that word has a different meaning.

A derby (pronounced DAR-bee in this case) is a match between local rivals who share the same proximity.

With some of our broadcasting class at BCHS (John and Noah), we came up with the term “Rough River Derby” to serve as a match between us and Grayson County.

They are our most local rival, and Rough River quite literally splits our two counties.

Needless to say, these games mean a little more than others.

Coming into tonight’s match, our minds were focused. We knew we had lost by two goals against them at our place, but we felt like we played well enough to win that night.

Tonight, we took the field with hearts full and minds sharp. Here is what you missed if you didn’t get a chance to make it.

Abby made several great saves (Again. Like. Seriously. All the time!) to keep us in this match. In the chaos surrounding the goal, her voice echoed loudly across the Grayson County hills.

Lauren made many excellent defensive reads, and she has grown into a premier soccer player for this, her first year. She took several great throw-ins as well, springing us into many attacks.

Aleigha slammed several doors shut on opposition counter-attacks, and she always seemed to turn up at just the right moment to get crucial clearances away to relieve the pressure.

Skylar showed once again that few players are as fast and strong as she is. Many Grayson County fans’ voices rose as their players apparently broke through for a goal, only for Skylar to hunt them down and clear it.

Amber’s work rate on the left of the defense was masterful, and she made several great throw-ins, too, to give us attacks down the left flank. When the game started to get stretched, she stood tall.

Olivia proved that she can scrap in any midfield, and she will never pull out of a challenge. That grit and determination rubbed off on our team and provided that little extra bite we needed.

Autumn wore the armband and filled her role as captain wonderfully. She made cutting passes all night, and her corner kicks provided danger at the offensive end for the field. An excellent shot forced an excellent save.

Marcy put together her second fantastic match in a row. Her motor never stopped, and that is just what we needed tonight. On a night when the midfield battle was crucial, Marcy did her part amazingly well.

Kate made several darting runs down the right, fighting often in 2v1 situations and emerging with the ball, and she distributed the ball well to the middle of the field to keep attacks going. She had a goal ruled out for a foul.

Aubrey scored two fantastic goals, the second of which secured the win with a beautiful strike into the top right-hand corner. After being battered, she kept going, and has more than earned a rest.

Chloe P. covered just about as much ground as anyone, making several sharp runs down the left. Excellent passes came from her right boot all night long, and she picked up an assist for our first goal to settle our nerves.

Meghan once again proved that she can work the midfield area. When she came in, she found the right positions time and time again and made sure to distribute the ball to her teammates in great locations.

Morgann provided wonderful support for Aubrey when she came off in the first half. Without her help, we would have been too tired to continue, and she once again proves she belongs with us.

Isabella came on and immediately made a great pass to Chloe on the wing that led to an attack. In a match like this, everyone must be ready, and she did everything asked of her tonight.

Paige put in a great shift in the left hand side of the defense, and her team spirit was contagious. She was always leading the cheers from the side, and the team heard it and found an extra gear.

Mariah provided excellent positivity, and she knows it is only a matter of time before she is back out there mixing it up with our opponents. That time will come very, very soon. I can’t wait!

Chloe D. continued to support the team while she is sidelined. She has a truly rare soul, one that gives the other girls encouragement, laughter, and joy all at the same time. We wish for a speedy recovery!

For everyone else missing for whatever reason, we felt your presence tonight, too. Anna, Delaney, Isabel, Caleigh, and Sydney, we wish all of you all the best and hope to see you back soon; this win was for you all, too!

As I conclude tonight, I remain, as ever, proud of this squad. The results are starting to turn in our favor, as we knew they would. As we focus on the end of the season, we must stay humble and keep working. Tonight, though, we can enjoy ourselves through a win in the Rough River Derby.

In the words of “HUDL Guy” John Smith…

“Rough River is Maroon tonight!”

Much love,

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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