Post-Match Reaction

I am surprisingly calm as I sit at my keyboard.

For those of you who do not know, we just defeated McLean County in a hard fought 1-0 victory. Our opponent was tough, but we were able to get a decisive goal very early and hold the lead.

Some trivia for you:

That was, by far, the longest we have ever held a one-goal lead. To win 1-0 in soccer, a team has to do a few things.

They have to defend as a unit. We went over that before the match, and you all impressed me. I expected improvement, but I was happily surprised by how quickly you all absorbed the information.

They have to work for one another. A team falls apart if anyone takes a mental break in soccer. There were no mental breaks today.

They have to have offensive threats to alleviate the pressure. We had that.

They have to have substitutes ready for action. Check.

We had all those things and more. Be sure to watch the replay of the match on BreckLive YouTube once it uploads.

When I started, I noted that I was surprisingly calm. I’ll tell you why. Every time McLean broke forward, I was calm on the field. It was certainly the calmest I have been in a one goal game. I was able to be calm because I have confidence in our unit. This team is so strong already, and we are just three matches into the season. I am proud to stand with you all!

Some individual accolades to spread around (though we all played our parts beautifully.

I’m headed out to record some videos for remote learning. I remain, as ever, thankful to have this opportunity to work with you all.

Until tomorrow,

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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