Post-Match Reaction

In sports, it is easy to get caught up in the numbers. At times, team win/loss records and individual accolades can overshadow what really matters.

I remember our 1-0 victory over McLean County. In that match, we had twenty shots, but we rushed several chances and we ended up with the close win. If someone just looked at the scoreline, they would not see the full story.

After that match, I encouraged our players to understand that, while we did not score a whole lot on the night, we were creating chances. The good news was that, eventually, those chances would yield goals. In the first paragraph here, I referenced what really matters. I will not speak for other coaches or other sports, but, for me, what matters is the performance. Our performance against McLean was solid, and the chances were there.

Ruling out our first two matches, when we were dealt some truly bad luck at the tournament we attended, we have played four matches. We won three of those and lost a close one to Grayson County.

In those four matches, we have scored twenty-one (21) goals, and we have allowed nine (9).

We are in fine form here as our schedule toughens up a bit. We get a chance to play LaRue County again (we lost to them 4-0 at the tournament), but we have made so many great strides and re-worked our shape in recent days. Monday sees us take on Meade County: a team we have never been able to compete with.

If any team was going to be able to compete in these next two matches, it is this team. I would not put it on paper if I did not believe it. This does not mean that we will win. We may not. What I will guarantee, though, is that this group of girls will put in a great performance.

That is all I ask!

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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