Post-Match Reaction

To everyone who played a part in this special season, thank you.

It was a joy to be involved, and the memories we made will last forever.

Cherish them. I know I do.

I’m sorry I don’t have more to say. I’m emotionally drained at the moment.

Sufficient to say, I am so proud of this team. We did so much that had not been done before.

Most goals scored in a season
Fewest goals allowed in a season
Most assists in a season
We had individuals break records, too. Check the Hall of Fame page for that.

It is always a privilege to stand with you all during the match. I cherish these nights. I love our practices. I love the bus rides. I love being a part of your lives for a little while.

Again, thank you.

All of you!

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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