Post-Match Reaction

Well, team…that was a tough one.

Coming off a week where we built some serious momentum, the temptation is going to be to slip into a “Okay…here we go again…” type of mindset.

I will not allow that to happen.

There were several positives from tonight’s match.

Firstly, we scored against a team that shut us out last year.
Secondly, that second half was one of team togetherness and unity. I am proud of that.
Thirdly, we only have a few more games this season where we will be matched against far superior opposition. If we play like we did in that second half tonight, we will give ourselves every chance to compete.

Do not allow tonight’s match to get you down. We are the Breckinridge County High School Football Club, and we are going to make history this season.

On to the next one.

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