Post-Match Reaction

There are many things to say after winning a match. I’ll do my best to get those down here. For reference, we just won our match against Butler County by a score of 10-0.

I think we will play a little game. It is called “Did You Know?”

Did you know Shelbey Walz kept her second clean sheet of her career? For someone who has just started playing as a goalkeeper this year, this is an amazing feat. It places her second all-time on our list of goalkeeping shutouts, as well. She made some great saves tonight!

Did you know Krista Glenn has developed into a tenacious defender? This is Krista’s first year, and she has shown that she will fight for every ball near her. She has been solid as part of our back four all season, and I look forward to the future!

Did you know Skylar Tucker picked up her second career assist tonight? Also, she continues to impress as a defensive force, winning every ball and chasing down opponent’s attacks, stopping them in their tracks. She is a true leader of our defense.

Did you know Sydney Jolly played arguably her best game tonight in central defense? She attacks each ball that comes near her with an aggressiveness that cannot be taught. She confidently cleared multiple balls tonight, and that puts me at ease on the sideline!

Did you know Morgan Tabor has developed into a wonderful two-way defender? Not only can she battle and win with her strength defensively, but she takes an excellent throw-in that is an attacking threat down the left side. She continues to grow each match!

Did you know Lauren Lucas has transitioned from defense to midfield confidently? Tonight, she was composed on the ball, beating a few opponents and going forward to play balls up to the attackers. It was one of her best performances since she started playing!

Did you know Marcy Rogers is perfect from the penalty spot for her career? She showed us that she has ice in her veins, converting two penalties to settle our nerves. She also notched three assists, giving her ten for the season (a record she shares with Chloe Peterson). She is also developing as a great captain and leader!

Did you know Madison Driskell has an edge to her play that she uses to win battles in the middle? She will confidently take on the best players of the opposition and win the balls, sending them forward for our attack to begin. She also is a two-footed player, capable of doing it with both her left and right foot!

Did you know Delaney Carter has worked harder than anyone to improve her game? Getting the start on the wing tonight, she came oh-so-close to scoring, forcing an excellent save from Butler County’s keeper. Her work ethic outside of practice has paid off for sure, and she is a wonderful teammate, as well!

Did you know Sydney Tucker scored six goals tonight to give her twenty on the season? That is an individual record, and Sydney will be the first to thank her teammates. She is scoring in ways that we have not seen before, and she is always hungry for more. She now owns the record for goals in a game (6) and season (20).

Did you know that Chloe Peterson continues to provide both goals and assists? Chloe holds individual honors of assists in a game (4), assists in a career (16 and counting), and she is the only player in team history with double-digit goals (12) and assists (16) in a career. She can score them and set them up!

Did you know that Bralyn Whitworth displayed her best performance of the season tonight in midfield? She won balls and played them up to the attack, and she was unafraid to go toe-to-toe when things got rough. That tenacity is contagious, and our team really responded to her play tonight!

Did you know that Skyler Henderson is among our most versatile players? She already is the youngest player to score a goal, and tonight, she provided forty minutes of solid defending in the back. She has an extremely powerful left leg, and the sky is the limit for her soccer future! A great performance!

Did you know that Maddie Shilts scored her first goal tonight? She always takes up good positions, and tonight she got her reward. Perfectly positioned for a Chloe Peterson cross, she scored to send our fans, bench, and team into by far the loudest cheer of the evening. She has a great future, too, and we are excited!

Did you know Aeriana Brock is the ideal teammate? She is coming back from a slight injury, but you would not know it to hear her. She constantly supports her team and cheers for them when she cannot play, and I know she will get out there soon once she heals up! Tonight, she was an excellent friend for so many, and that means so much!

We almost missed Mariah, Jasmine, and Kate tonight, and we look forward to seeing them back soon!

Now that the individual honors have been passed around, we need to talk about team milestones. After tonight’s game, we have some new marks.

32 goals (and counting) for the season is the highest we have ever scored in a campaign
26 assists (and counting) for the season is far and away the best number we have had

These two numbers make my heart happy, because they are team records. No one player can play this sport alone. We have seen teams try that tactic, and it does not work. Any individual record has to be viewed through the lens of the team.

I am proud of our team, and I look forward to seeing how our season finishes. I know you feel the same way!

Until we meet again,

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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