Post-Match Reaction

In a first for the blog, I turn it over to assistant coach Beth Ann. Here are her thoughts tonight…


I realize this is unorthodox, but tonight more than any other night has affected me. Like usual, I am picking apart and putting names to what I’m feeling. This is how I cope with great emotion. In high school and college I journaled. A lot. (Unlike Mr. Garrett, I have experience being a teenage girl… not just any girl. A Breck Co. girl.) 

It’s a blessing to have emotions. Even sadness and heartbreak serve as reminders that you’re alive and participating in life. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have outlets for those more… aggressive or volatile… emotions. As I just said, my outlet was always journaling. For others it may be driving really fast. Or baking. Or eating. Or shopping. Or being sassy. Or macrame…. Or sports. 

For many of those girls tonight, maybe yourself included, emotions were poured upon the field. What emotions did we read from their play? Frustration. Pettiness. Cruelty. You would know better than me. That’s just what I picked up upon. 

What does that say about their quality of life? They may be the sweetest, most unassuming people walking the fancy hallways (and breezeways and gymnasiums) of everyday life. They have favorite colors, weird parents, crushes, old friends, dogs who are happy to see them when they come home. They’re just ordinary girls.

But they’ve bared their souls to us by unleashing their pent up emotions. We’ve suffered through the junk and the burdens they carry.

But you carry junk and burdens yourself. And yet… you carried yourselves with dignity and self-control. For that, I’m proud to call myself a part of this team.

So thinking back to quality of life, my heart aches for those girls. But my heart aches more for you girls. Growing up, I didn’t think much of being from Breckinridge Co. I often felt less than. After gaining some life experience and perspective, I realize inferior, superior, loser, or winner has nothing to do with it. It’s about what you do with the cards you’re given. Breck Co deals an interesting hand. Sure, our stuff might not always be the nicest. But we have grit. Yes, we live in the (huge quotation marks) “boonies,” but the air we breathe is fresh, with just a hint of cow. In the end, there’s no such thing as “perfect,” anyway. Adversity is inevitable. It may feel like we get a heavier dollop of adversity… and yet we still have grace and perseverance. We hold our heads high because we can take pride in where we are from. 

In any situation, especially the unpleasant and hard ones, the ones where you’ve made the mistake, the ones where you’ve endured an injury or injustice, find the lesson. Find what you can take with you that will make you stronger or smarter. And leave the rest. Be the hydra. Be a steel magnolia.  

Shine on, you crazy diamonds.


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