Post-Match Reaction

Every team has its signature moments. Throughout the course of the season, things happen that forge identities between the players on the field.

We had one of those today.

Let’s all face facts here: It is not really very fun losing 10-0 in any match. What matters, though, is the response. Are we a team who just shows up, or are we a team who wants to do something special?

If you were at our match today, you found the answer.

Coming off of that tough defeat, I was hoping to see our team respond in the best way. Within the first thirty seconds, we created a beautiful scoring opportunity. Within the first ten minutes, we had a 1-0 lead. Then, things got away from us a little. We went into halftime hot, sweaty, and physically drained. How would we respond?

Standing in the shade of the tree behind our field, I told the team that we did not need to worry about the other team, and we did not need to worry about the referees. Those are two groups outside of our control. We needed to look within to find some effort to go out and take the game to them. With the score 4-1 them, I told the team something like this:

“Girls, forget the score. I want you to set your minds to 0-0 and go out there and play your hearts out. We will create chances and we will score. Let’s win this half, and I know you will.”

Now, here’s the thing: This can easily backfire. This gets said all the time in sports, and it sometimes does not happen. If our girls had gone out and conceded a few goals and lost the half 3-0, my motivational chatter would not teach us anything. It would be just noise.

Thankfully (and I knew we could do it all along), we went out and won the second half
1-0. We outfought them. We created better chances. We passed better. We defended better. It was a joy to watch!

Yes, the final result was not what we wanted, but now we had a moment. We had gone out against a very good team and held them in the second half while outscoring them. This is crucial for our team, because now we have a moment to remember when things look bleak. If we can do it once, we can do it again!

We will do it again Monday night at John Hardin! I’m already excited to hit the field.

Let’s all rest a little bit first, though, huh? That was a hot one today.

I’m proud of y’all!

Coach (Mr.) Garrett

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